Juventus recently submitted a proposal to retire the number 10 won by legendary striker Alessandro del Piero, who is all set to leave the club in the next month.

By doing so, Alessandro del Pirlo will bring to an end an allegiance with Juventus that began back in 1993. He has been with Juventus during all these years after having faced a lot of disappointment and ecstasy with the club.

He was part of the Juventus team that played in the second division of Italian football for the first time in their history when the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic choose to leave the club.

He has been part of the Juventus team in all this years and he has had the opportunity to go out on a high this season. Juventus won their first league title since 2003 this season, but even more impressive was the fact that they had gone unbeaten throughout the season. Alessandro del Piero was given the perfect send off by the Juventus fans after he scored a trademark goal against Atlanta in the final match of the season. Due to his contribution to the club, it has been discussed among the Juventus board that the number 10 should be retired forever in his memory.

Alessandro del Piero, though, has said that it is not the right move by the club. Former AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo has also echoed the same thoughts. “Juventus wanted to retire the number 10 shirt now that Alessandro is leaving the club, but he asked them not to do so. I agree with his decision. It’s unthinkable that someone will be up to Del Piero’s legacy soon, but I am sure someone will, in the future. I am staying with 21. I’ve always had it and I want to keep it,” said Pirlo.