The manager of Juventus, Antonio Conte, has said that he doesn’t want anyone from his team to take a transfer in the mid season transfer window.

Quite a few Juventus players are speculated to be on their way overseas in January. Paul Pogba (France), Andrea Pirlo (Italy) and Mirko Vucinic (Montenegro) are among those players.

Vucinic is believed to be willing for an away move because he hasn’t been getting enough playing time at Juventus stadium, while, Pirlo’s contract is going to finish next summer. So, he can now start getting in touch with other clubs. As far as Pogba is concerned, he is a guy whom most of the clubs around the world are interested in and Juventus is certainly going to receive a couple of bids for him in January.

Conte is pretty satisfied with the players that he has got at the moment and he has no plans whatsoever to put anybody on sale in near future.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the Juventus boss said, “I am not going to try and sell anyone, but, if someone wants to leave, I obviously can’t put pressure on him to stay.”

When asked if there are chances that Pirlo and Pogba would be given contract extension by the club in the upcoming weeks, Conte said, “I think you are not asking this question to the right man. It’s the job of the director general to take decisions on these issues. My job is to coach the team.”

Juventus had become the Serie A Champion in the last season and it seems they are on their way to do it again this season. They are placed at the top of the Serie A 2013-14 Table with 49 points in 18 games.