Allegri says that his team aren’t the favorites of winning the Serie A

The preseason schedule of Juventus has seen the Italian champions facing off with Borussia Dortmund and Lechia Gdansk in friendly matches and things haven’t been going very impressively for Juventus as they struggled in both matches and Allegri recently went through an altercation with one of his players which has angered the Italian manager and Allegri does not want this bad vibe from the recent altercation to infect the rest of his players.

MassimilianoAllegri of Juventus said: “There are some bad vibes around here,” he said. “Everybody’s saying that we’re favorites, but let me tell you that’s not true. It’s going to be difficult to win this year so before this negativity gets contagious, it’s best we stop it immediately.”

“We’ve made progress physically, but we need to improve the quality of our game, the speed and our passing. We’ve got plenty of new players and they need to get used to playing together and get to know each other’’

The altercation was involving Alvaro Morata and MassimilianoAllegri during the friendly match of Juventus when the Italian side faced off with Lechia Gdansk and Morata was sent off the match after having entered the pitch for around 26 minutes.

Allegri said that he told Morata to leave the pitch because the Italian manager was displeased about how the Spanish forward was performing in the friendly encounter. Morata was later seen angry as he made his way rather abruptly into the tunnel.

MassimilianoAllegri doesn’t want to see this conduct repeat itself in the near future with any of his other players as this can cause a problem, especially now that Serie A is only a few weeks away from kicking off in full force and Juventus has the task of defending their title for another successive year.