Conte Believes Spending Highly Will Help

Juventus manager Antonio Conte has revealed that the club should consider spending a lot of money in order to become a top club in Europe once again. Conte has been receiving a lot of plaudits after he guided Juventus to the third straight Italian league title. However, they have not been doing well in Europe during this period. In his first season of winning the league, the club reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Last season, they were knocked out at this stage. This year, however, has been the major disappointment after they failed to reach the knockout stages.

Even though the club reached the semifinals of the Europa league where they were ultimately knocked out by Benfica, this is not seen as a great performance by the team. Conte has been only a limited amount of money during this period with signings like Carlos Tevez being brought to the club for around £ 10 million. This is in sharp contrast to the signings made by the likes of Real Madrid, who spend more amount of money on Cristiano Ronaldo’s wages alone. Conte has said that they have a limited budget and this allows him to take the team only so far.

He says that the club must spend a lot of money in the summer to become a European force once again.

“When you have 10 euros (Dh51) in your pocket you can’t eat in a restaurant where the meal will cost you 100. It’s been three successful but stressful years and now people expect us to automatically win in Europe, but it’s never quite so easy. I will be sitting down to talk to the club,” said Conte after leading the club to the 30th league title in their history. The 44-year-old is widely regarded as one of the best young managers the world.