Juventus secured their 5th successive victory but Allegri is unsatisfied

Juventus continues their dominance in Serie A as the Italian club secured their 5th successive victory after claiming a 2-0 triumph over Cagliari in a match that was played on February 12 at the home stadium of Cagliari in the Sant’Elia Stadium.

This triumph allows Juventus to maintain their significant lead at the top of the top tier Italian League, Serie A as the team of Massimiliano Allegri has collected 60 points from their 24 opening league matches of the season while the 2nd placed team which at this point in time is As.Roma has only gathered 53 points.

Any manager would be incredibly proud to see their squad winning at such a consistent basis and even though Massimiliano Allegri is certainly happy about how his team has been performing, he feels that his players could have scored many more goals and performed much better.

“I want a spectacular Juventus. When you play football, you need to be spectacular. Cagliari went down to 10 men and we should have run riot. Instead, we were hasty and didn’t make the right choices. We need to improve. At a certain stage, we took our foot off the gas and allowed Cagliari to have several chances, which should not happen. The team has to be spectacular, yes, but also effective, because there’s no point if you don’t win’’ Massimiliano Allegri said after Juventus defeated Cagliari 2-0.

Massi milliano Allegri wants his team to play the best they can in every match, especially in this time as they are getting ready to face-off with Porto for their Champions League round of 16 which is scheduled to take place on February 22.

Taking into consideration that Juventus and Napoli are the only Italian clubs that are competing in this season of the Champions League, they have the added pressure of having to performing well in order to give a good representation to Italian Football which has recently been critiqued in term of quality but if either Napoli or Juventus make a good run in the Champions League, it can hugely benefit Italian Football in general and put it back into the spotlight.